Pros and Cons of Living in Redondo Beach

Pros and Cons of Living in Redondo Beach

  • John Bathurst
  • 10/24/23

Nestled along the Pacific coastline, Redondo Beach is a gem in the heart of Los Angeles County. With its sun-kissed beaches and vibrant community, it's no wonder many are drawn to its shores. However, like any city, it comes with its advantages and challenges. Whether you're considering a move or simply curious about life in this coastal haven, our exploration of the pros and cons of living in Redondo Beach will offer a balanced perspective on what it truly means to call this place home.


  • World-Class Beaches: One of the most significant draws to Redondo Beach is its golden sandy beaches. Residents receive the luxury of having world-class beaches right at their doorstep, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and other beach activities such as;
    • Surfing the Waves: Redondo Beach's oceanfront is incredibly inviting for surfers. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the waves here are perfect for a day of surfing. Local surf shops even offer lessons for those keen to learn.
    • Beach Volleyball: The sands of Redondo Beach are often dotted with volleyball nets, and it's a local favorite. Join in on a game or watch the pros play; it's an activity that embodies the spirit of this beach town.
    • Seaside Cycling: The bike path, known as "The Strand," stretches from Redondo Beach to Manhattan Beach and beyond. Rent a bike from one of the local shops and enjoy a scenic ride along the coast.
    • Whale Watching: The waters off Redondo Beach are a hotspot for whale watching, especially during migration seasons. Several local companies offer tours, allowing you to witness these majestic creatures up close.
    • Fishing at the Pier: The iconic Redondo Beach Pier is not just for strolling and dining. It's a popular spot for fishing. With the deep blue ocean as your backdrop, it's a relaxing way to spend the day.
    • Paddleboarding and Kayaking: The bay's calm waters are perfect for paddleboarding and kayaking. Rentals are available, and it's a fantastic way to explore the coastline.
    • Seaside Lagoon Fun: Located near the harbor, the Seaside Lagoon is a saltwater lagoon perfect for families. With water slides and a sandy beach, it's a safe and fun environment for kids.
    • Community Feel: The city exudes a strong community feel that resonates deeply with its residents and visitors. This sense of community sets Redondo Beach apart and makes it an extraordinary place to live and visit. 


  • Education and Schools: Education is the cornerstone of any thriving community, and Redondo Beach stands out as a beacon of academic excellence. With a commitment to providing top-tier education, the city boasts a range of schools catering to its student population's diverse needs. Let's delve into the tremendous offerings of Redondo Beach's education system.
    • Elementary Schools: Redondo Beach is home to several elementary schools that lay the foundation for a student's academic journey. These schools emphasize academic and extracurricular activities, ensuring students receive a balanced education.
    • Middle Schools: As students progress, they transition to one of the city's middle schools. Here, they are introduced to advanced classes that challenge their intellect and prepare them for high school.
    • Redondo Beach High School: This high school is renowned for its academic achievements and offers a range of programs that cater to the diverse interests of its students. From science and technology to the arts and sports, students have ample opportunities to explore and excel.
    • Adult and Continuation Education: Recognizing the importance of lifelong learning, Redondo Beach also offers programs for adults. Whether acquiring a new skill or completing a high school education, the city provides avenues for continued learning.
    • Dedicated Staff and Modern Facilities: The success of Redondo Beach's education system can be attributed to its dedicated staff and modern facilities. Teachers are committed to ensuring that every student reaches their potential, and the schools are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to aid in this mission.


  • Proximity to Los Angeles: One of the standout features of Redondo Beach is its strategic location. Nestled along the Pacific coastline, this city offers the tranquility of beach life while being steps away from the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles. This proximity to LA provides residents and visitors with a unique blend of experiences, making Redondo Beach a sought-after destination. Here's why:
    • Easy Commute: Redondo Beach is an ideal choice for those who work in Los Angeles but crave a seaside residence. With just a short car ride, one can transition from LA's skyscrapers to Redondo's serene beaches.
    • Cultural Experiences: Los Angeles, known for its rich cultural scene, offers a plethora of museums, theaters, and galleries. Living in Redondo Beach means these cultural hubs are within easy reach.
    • Entertainment Galore: From the iconic Hollywood Bowl to the Staples Center, major entertainment venues are just a short drive away. Whether it's a concert, a basketball game, or a Broadway show, Redondo Beach residents have quick access to world-class entertainment.
    • Business Opportunities: For entrepreneurs and professionals, being close to Los Angeles—a central business hub—opens up many opportunities. Networking events, conferences, and seminars in LA become easily accessible.



  • Cost of Living: One of the significant cons of living in Redondo Beach is the high cost of living. Housing, in particular, can be pretty expensive, often exceeding the national average. Here are the factors that affect the cost of living in Redondo Beach:
    • Housing: As with many beachside cities in California, housing in Redondo Beach can be expensive. Whether you're looking to rent or buy, property prices here are considerably higher than the national average.
    • Transportation: Being close to Los Angeles, many residents commute to the city for work. This can lead to transportation costs, including fuel, car maintenance, and public transportation fees.
    • Food and Dining: While Redondo Beach offers a plethora of dining options, from quaint cafes to upscale restaurants, the cost of food and dining out can be higher than in other parts of the county.
    • Taxes: California is known for its relatively high state taxes, and Redondo Beach is no exception. Property taxes, sales taxes, and other local levies can add to the overall expenses.
    • Recreational Activities: While the beach offers free entertainment, other recreational activities, from water sports rentals to event tickets, can add to the monthly expenses.
    • Healthcare: The cost of healthcare services, from regular check-ups to specialized treatments, can be higher in Redondo Beach than in other regions.


  • Traffic and congestion: Like many cities in California, Redondo Beach can experience traffic congestion, especially during peak hours. This can be a factor to consider for those who commute to work. Here are the key points on Traffic and congestion:
    • Peak Hours: Like many urban areas, Redondo Beach experiences peak traffic during morning and evening rush hours. Commuters heading to and from Los Angeles can face significant delays.
    • Tourist Season: Redondo Beach's appeal as a tourist destination means an influx of visitors, especially during the summer months and holidays. This can lead to crowded streets and limited parking.
    • Local Events: The city hosts various events throughout the year, from beach volleyball tournaments to festivals. While these events are a testament to the city's vibrant culture, they can also lead to temporary road closures and increased traffic.
    • Infrastructure: While Redondo Beach has made efforts to improve its infrastructure, some areas still need help accommodating the growing number of vehicles, leading to congestion.
    • Alternative Transportation: To combat traffic issues, many residents and visitors opt for alternative modes of transportation, such as cycling or public transit. The city has been making strides in promoting these alternatives to reduce road congestion.


  • The Job Landscape in Redondo Beach: When it comes to employment, potential residents and workers might face certain challenges. While the city has its offerings, the job market in Redondo Beach may not be as expansive as one might hope. 
    • Specialized Opportunities: The city, with its coastal setting, offers specialized job opportunities, especially in sectors like tourism, hospitality, and marine activities. However, options might be limited for those seeking roles in other industries.
    • Proximity to Los Angeles: While Redondo Beach is close to Los Angeles, not everyone might find it feasible to commute daily. The journey can be time-consuming, especially during peak traffic hours.
    • Local Employment: Some local employment opportunities can be found in the Redondo Beach Unified School District and the City of Redondo Beach's various departments. However, these might be competitive due to the limited number of positions.
    • Tourism-Driven Economy: Given its appeal as a tourist destination, many job opportunities in Redondo Beach revolve around the tourism sector. This can mean seasonal employment, which might not offer year-round stability for some.
    • Expanding Horizons: For a broader range of job opportunities, residents often look to neighboring towns and cities, expanding their job search radius to find suitable roles.


  • Tourist Crowds: Being a popular tourist destination, Redondo Beach can get crowded, especially during summer. This influx of tourists can sometimes make the city feel packed. Here's why;
    • Increased Traffic: With more visitors flocking to the city, especially during weekends and holidays, traffic congestion becomes a common concern. Navigating the city can become time-consuming, particularly around popular tourist spots.
    • Parking woes: The surge in visitors can lead to a shortage of parking spaces. Residents often find it challenging to secure parking near their homes or favorite local spots during peak tourist times.
    • Strain on Local Amenities: Popular restaurants, cafes, and recreational areas can become crowded, leading to wait times and reduced accessibility for locals.
    • Environmental Concerns: An increase in footfall can sometimes lead to littering and environmental degradation, especially in beach areas. While the city has measures in place, maintaining the pristine nature of the beach becomes a continuous effort.
    • Economic Boost with Challenges: While tourism brings in revenue, it also means fluctuating economic periods. Businesses may thrive during tourist seasons but face lulls during off-peak times.
    • Accommodation Prices: The demand for short-term rentals, like Airbnb, can drive up property rental prices, making it challenging for long-term renters in the city.

You want to move to Redondo Beach? Dive into the coastal elegance, wise investment opportunities, and vibrant community that this Californian gem offers. While every location has its pros and cons, Redondo Beach stands out as a prime choice for discerning homebuyers.


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