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In a technologically-driven business, it is crucial to be accompanied by professionals. Keeping a brand in a competitive real estate market requires collaborating with a competent, insightful, and strategic executive assistant.

Ailene is a 23-years old graduate of one of the most prestigious schools in Mindanao. As an adventurous person who finds joy in learning new things, her creativity and excellence brought her to a successful career. Ailene has years of experience in Real Estate and Client Service. She also worked as a nursing aide for three years and two months. Given her strategic mindset and goal-oriented personality, she was also able to help her family by being a young entrepreneur. With that, Ailene is indeed trustworthy and has flexible skills that reflect her exemplary performance at work.

As the executive assistant of John Bathurst, multi-tasking became her nature. Ailene utilizes every minute of her day to be productive. For this reason, she can confidently showcase her best abilities amidst time pressure. Ailene’s expertise in real estate has been a huge benefit to her team. She is also well-versed in market research, making her even more credible. 

In her leisure, Ailene likes to browse the internet and make social media content, travel, and hone her skills in dancing.

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